Written Testimonials

"Outstanding treatment from some of the most caring, professional and qualified staff you'll ever come across. I was in agony and couldn't stand up straight after a herniated disc flared up. Dr. Ted Glazer quickly set me on a course of gradual healing to alleviate the pain and strengthen the core muscle groups surrounding the affected area. Heather was instrumental in the rehab process. She is extremely motivating and positive. This is more than your usual chiropractic office. I highly recommend this practice for anyone looking for relief from pain."

- Bill Silverman

"We bring our life adventures (or the result of them) to Chiropractic Spine Center, and we are the richer for it. After having had Dr. Ted Glazer recommended by a friend who had been helped for many years by his chiropractic expertise, I was so glad to have him for my physical therapist following rotator cuff surgery in 2009.

Because this particular rehab has a reputation for being harrowing, I so appreciated Dr. Ted’s excellent care and compassion; and that of his brilliant young intern. This young man went on to post-graduate chiropractic studies because of his work with such a fine and knowledgeable role model and mentor.

Over the intervening years, I continued to be grateful for Dr. Ted’s treatment of a series of minor chiropractic ailments. The most recent and the most dramatic was my total healing of an extremely painful sciatica that had grown so bad that I could hardly walk. In just 2-3 months with Dr. Ted’s adjustments, and his wife Heather’s crucial exercise oversight, I could enjoy life again!

Heather, a gifted physical trainer in her own right, oversaw my prescribed workout program with wisdom and amazing proficiency, vibrant energy, humor, and protective care. Her addition does, indeed, make this team unbeatable! Rewarding experiences happen in an atmosphere where two sensitive and compassionate people who help and heal draw clients who feel good about their care and actually enjoy each other and their time at the Center."

- Melanie Morningstar

"In the fall of 2008 I needed to find a chiropractor. I had a pre-existing neck injury and unfortunately, had been involved in a new car accident that resulted in whiplash. I was new to the area and didn’t know where to turn. I found Dr. Glazer online and it was a life-changing decision. Not only did he successfully treat my whiplash, he also provided top-notch care over the course of five years for other injuries I received. While under his care I met wonderful people who were also patients and his office became like a second home to me. In addition, the ability to rehabilitate right in his office was a huge bonus. Dr. Glazer’s early experience as a personal trainer and his expertise as a chiropractor is only part of his success. His compassion for his patients and his ability to motivate while providing support sets him apart from others. He’s a true gem of a man and someone you want to help you when you’re in pain."

- Melissa Booker

"I had just thrown my back out 2 weeks ago and was finally feeling ok enough to get adjusted and really start feeling better. I found Dr. Ted when I was looking for a chiropractor near me on my health insurance website. I went through the reviews of all the Chiropractors in my area before making my decision to see Dr. Ted and wow am I glad I did.

Dr. Ted took me right in, evaluated me then began treatment right then and there. I was impressed from the beginning; Dr. Ted and his wife Heather are always there and have time to answer all your questions. Dr. Ted’s wife, Heather, is a physical therapist/ trainer/nutritionist all in one. When I was done with my chiropractor therapy I worked with Heather on the physiotherapy part of my treatment. Having one place to get me back on my feet was great. Seeing Dr. Ted and Heather was one of the best healing experiences I have ever had. Heather took great care of me, making sure to push me just enough to make sure I was gaining strength and healing properly. It was a pleasure working with both of them.

I will be coming back to them for any of my chiropractic /therapy needs. Dr. Ted, Heather and their office staff are truly great people and will do what ever they can to get you back on your feet again. They are a doctor’s office that really cares about you and your well being and they love more than anything seeing their patients heal. I cannot thank them enough for what they did for me; I would recommend them to all my friends and family."

- Chris H.

"I started going to Dr. ted and Heather in August 2014. I was a size 14 with bad posture. Dr. Ted helped me with alignments to get my back where it should be and Heather started a workout regiment for me. I was amazed at how easy it was to start working out with her. By December I was preparing to go to a Christmas party in a size 10 little black dress! All my size 10 clothes are now too big on me (and I need to wear a belt - so excited about that problem).

Both Ted and Heather are amazing. They take time to pay attention to you and see what you need individually. In addition to that, the other patients are also awesome. There are a few of us that go at the same time each day and we have such a blast joking and laughing - it really makes it so exciting and fun to come work out and see the doctor.

If you are debating a chiropractor, I highly suggest coming here! My fiancee started coming after he threw his back out. He went from barely being able to walk to working out in a month! It was amazing and now he feels great and we can go back to normal again. Thank you Ted and Heather!!!"

- Dana S.

"Dr. Glazer is a one of a kind Chiropractor and I am very happy to be in his care. I've been seeing him since last summer for mainly neck pain. Each time I leave his office my body feels stronger and more balanced. His wife, Heather, is a suberb personal trainer and together they are an amazing and awesome team coupled with their support staff. For anyone who is cautious about seeing a chiropractor, Dr Glazer is very good in helping to minimize anxiety. He is engaging, very knowledgeable about the field and its possible to obtain your desired results if you are committed to the program."

- Elanie Carter

"He is the best chiropractor you can have. He is courteous and compassionate. He attends to his patients very closely. I definitely recommend you go to Chiropractic Spine Center and see Dr. Glazer."

- Okan

"I have been going to Dr. Ted Glazer at the Chiropractic Spine Center for treatment of a herniated disc and sciatic nerve symptoms . Dr. Glazer is very knowledgeable and his treatments are very effective. His facility has all of the right equipment to fix my herniated disc, including spinal decompression therapy machines, which most facilities do not have. The Office Manager is very professional and handles your insurance and scheduling of appointments very efficiently. Overall, I’ve had an incredibly positive experience with Chiropractic Spine Center."

- Beth J.

"Well done! Dr. Glazer cares for his patients and is attentive to their needs. Any time I have pain, this is the guy I go see first."

- Thomas

"Nobody needs to live with pain. If you give this process time and effort, you will see an amazing change. Pain can be lessened or fully relieved; mobility can be restored and strength can be increased. I learned that from Dr. Ted and used his guidance and expertise also."

- Robert

"Dr. Glazer does an excellent job listening to his patients’ medical concerns, and then prescribes the appropriate treatment. I will continue to recommend people to Dr. Glazer."

- Chuck Hartman

"I have been going to Dr. Glazer for several years for treatment of various back related issues, including a herniated disc and sciatica. I found Dr. Glazer to be extremely knowledgeable and caring. He takes the time to listen and is skilled in diagnosing your condition. He has all of the physiotherapy and exercise equipment necessary to give the right treatment for a personalized plan."

- Laurie

"I first went to Dr. Glazer in 2008 for severe whiplash from an automobile accident. I was surprised and grateful for the high level of care I received at his office. I had a previous, more severe car accident from which I developed fibromyalgia, and never received the level of quality care I experienced at Chiropractic Spine Center. The following year, I had a bad fall in which I bruised my ribs and tore my rotator cuff. Dr. Glazer first did the pre-operative physiotherapy. Then, after my surgery on the shoulder, he did the post-operative physiotherapy. My surgeon was surprised at the speed of my recovery, which I owe to Dr. Glazer. I have continued to have whole body adjustments since then, and get relief for the fibromyalgia. My hands are no longer stiff and swollen. Unless I suffer an injury, I am generally symptom-free. Due to Dr. Glazer’s careful instruction and willingness to share his knowledge, I am now able to go to a gym, knowing that I am doing it right and won’t injure myself. My son was so impressed with the improvement he had seen in me. He spoke with Dr. Glazer, and now is pursuing a career in Chiropractic himself. Anyone who is fortunate enough to be treated by Dr. Glazer will experience a warm and supportive atmosphere, and can simply follow his instructions. His adjustments are precise, and his knowledge of human anatomy superb. He is the best of the best."

- Jeannie

"For a few years now, I’ve been going to Dr. Ted Glazer at the Chiropractic Spine Center. I have a great experience each and every time. Prior to Dr. Ted, I tried quite a few different chiropractic offices, but never had terrific results. That all changed once I found CSC. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, the facility and equipment is clean, and the overall atmosphere is extremely enjoyable. Combine that with the knowledge and skills that Dr. Ted brings to the table, and you have a winning combination of caring individuals which has resulted in me feeling better than ever. I highly recommend the Chiropractic Spine Center and Dr. Ted to anyone who is dealing with pain."

- Joseph

"After years of competitive sports, I thought that my knee pain was something I should expect. I could not have guessed that working with Dr. Glazer to align my back and hips could correct old injuries. Injuries that I assumed were par for the course. I only wish I had come to see him ten years sooner. I am posting my thank you and recommendation here in case there are others like me that assume pain or stiffness should be ignored. If your body is not functioning optimally, I encourage you to go see Dr. Ted. Thank you so much, Dr. Ted."

- Simona

"If you’re looking for a Chiropractor, you need to make an appointment with Dr. Ted Glazer. It shows that he genuinely cares about you as a person, not just a patient. The office contains all the equipment necessary to heal a wide variety of diagnosis. Within a month, I went from standing bent over for no more than 5 minutes at a time to standing straight, completely pain-free, and carefully working out at the gym again. I also have frequent migraines accompanied with severe vertigo, usually lasting between 5 – 7 days. Within an hour of his adjustment I’m 90% free of symptoms, then within 3 hours they are gone completely. It is nothing short of amazing. I will continue to recommend Dr. Glazer to everyone I know."

- Ann

"I know I already told you that you are a miracle worker, but I feel strongly enough about it that I’m going to say it again. After my collision with a fence, I was convinced I was going to miss some of my baseball games. And it’s getting to be crunch time right before the playoffs. We can’t really afford to be missing players right now, plus it would almost kill me to have to sit for any length of time. Not only did I not miss any games before the injury, but I had been playing very well. In the past 18 bats I’ve had in the past week, I have 15 hits including a homerun, a triple, and a number of doubles. Tonight we only had 9 players so I played centerfield for a doubleheader (covering outfield ground with 3 of us instead of 4). I don’t think many people would have believed I’d be doing that if they had seen me last Tuesday. Hitting streaks come and go. I won’t make every diving catch, but it feels good to be out there with my legs under me. The knee is still a little swollen and a little sore (Biofreeze helps). Now, I feel like I’m running 100% right and the hamstrings are both feeling great. It wasn’t the typical adjustment people think of from a Chiropractor, but the therapy on my hamstrings, knee, and whatever else is ailing me at the moment has me thankful I have someone who can keep me out there on the field. My shoulder has felt better in the last month than it has for years, while my back has felt strong all season. I’ve now played 50 games this year since the season started, and I am feeling like I’m ready to play 50 more. Thanks for all that you do."

- Eric Lytle

"I consulted Dr. Glazer because I felt pinching in my shoulder and neck. My range of motion was limited with the stress from this pain causing my neck and entire upper back to tense up. The pain and stiffness made me feel like I couldn’t breathe, which was mostly felt in my left shoulder blade next to my neck. I started experiencing this pain 8 years ago in high school. It was chronic, but I thought it would go away. I had seen my primary physician, but he didn’t think much of it. He prescribed me two muscle relaxers, but the pain wouldn’t go away. I had my doubts about chiropractic since people told me that it was a waste of time and is all a scam. I proved them wrong. The office, doctor, and employees were all very inviting. My visits are enjoyable with everyone being so friendly. The first several visits I would feel better after leaving the office, but the pain would reoccur. Then I started noticing long-term change. I found myself complaining less and less about my pain. I would recommend to anyone suffering in pain to see a chiropractor. Try it out, it won’t hurt. In the end, you might find a cure to your pain without using medication. I am very glad I came in to Dr. Glazer’s office. I would still be living in pain without the help."

- Jennifer

"I had poor posture, a sore shoulder, and stress. All of my adult life I had this pain, which fluctuates depending on the time of year and what is happening in my life. Chiropractic care had been recommended to me a few different times in the past, so I went to Dr. Glazer. I really didn’t know if chiropractic would or wouldn’t help. My first impression found it interesting and different, the office was pleasant, and the doctor was very nice! After treatment my posture is much improved, shoulders can still get sore from stress, but overall I feel much better! I would recommend to those in pain to give it a try! It is definitely worthwhile! Now, I think chiropractic is definitely worth it!"

- Lynne

"First came to the office in April 2006 with severe lower back pain that was consistent for 1-1 ½ weeks. Now anytime I have pain i come back because I have had very good results. Pain is gone. Problem is cured."

- Niles

"Growing up in a family with medical doctors, I was always dissuaded from the chiropractic route; however, I had reached a point with some frustrating back pain that prompted the need to give it a try. I sought some advice from a college roommate, who I knew has seen a number of chiropractors over the years, and he recommended Dr. Glazer, whom I now feel compelled to recommend to anyone. I also came in with a complicated story of a foot surgery gone awry, and Dr. Glazer was able to filter through my situation. He has gotten me started on the right track back to my optimal physical health."

- Trent M.

"For about 7 years, Chiropractic Spine Center has provided chiropractic care to my son and me. My son has been adjusted since he was little and he’s always been treated with superior care, as I have also."

- Angela

"For people who may be suffering from injuries due to an auto accident, as was my experience, the doctor and staff are dedicated to providing superior rehabilitation, pain relief, and pain management services. I highly recommend them."

- Ted V.

"Dr. Ted is simply the best Chiropractor on the Mainline. I went to his office because I fell and couldn’t walk without a lot of pain. After the first treatment, I felt so much better. Now, about 3 weeks later, I am pain-free. Dr. Ted is so caring, gentle, and knowledgeable about all kinds of injuries. I am extremely pleased with my experience in his office. I plan on staying for his medically-supervised exercise program constructed for me."

- Susan

"Very professional and warm environment - mix that is difficult to find !"

- Paola Antonini


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